Beauty In Entropy

by Samuel Davidson



released November 11, 2011

Music by Samuel Davidson
Produced by Samuel Davidson and Zod Lounge
Advisory Board: Robby Valderrama and Olivia Frise


all rights reserved



Samuel Davidson Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Second Guess
I’m so scared
Dreaming big but feeling small
To superstitions in my wall

Thought up photo paradises
Yet some distant lonely vices
Keep me down
Strapped to the city sounds

Not too clear on what’s ahead
Tribulation or success
With what I will be met
I’m left to second guess

Words aren’t useful anymore
Ever since
You gone and walked on out that door

Not you I will be missing
It’s the voluntary switching
From haltered plans
Held tight by worried hands

In my trepidation
Tip toe to the constellations
Lay out open scared
Pondering my fears

I think about the future
And all that I might do there
Is win over some
Or to failure succumb

So done with being scared
And just wasting my time here
Pressing on toward my dream
Sooner or later, I will find me
Track Name: Colors
Not going to name them here
Might catch unfriendly ears
I’ve got a secret to tell
It reflects you well

I name colors after pretty girls
For the way they color my world
I would like to name one after you
But it’s hard, so hard finding the perfect one
I guess I’ll stick with option number one

Some shades make me happier
Others bring me to tears
Some can be sappy or
Make me feel welcome here

So I name colors after pretty girls
For the way they color my world
I would like to name one after you
But it’s hard, so hard picking from only a few
I change my mind, you’re option number two

No it’s not fair
No it’s not fair
How could anyone define another
By the tone of one color

But I still name them after pretty girls
For the way they color my world
I would like to name one after you
But it’s hard, so hard with this pressure on me
Is it all right with you if I choose all three

Because, you are a rainbow to me
Sweeter than the morning breeze and
I’m going to need more than just three
To name after you
Track Name: Oil and Water
Bird you got me so confused
Don’t know what I was thinking
When I dreamt away about me and you
Deep into your arms I’d be sinking

Used to light my shadowed ways
Now you tear me down then turn the page
Used to be my safest place
But like our chapter, it’s been erased

I’ll be forever wondering what went wrong
So unfair is your solution
Got me wishing you threw sticks and stones
To replace your elocution
You are oil and I am water
Can’t help but push me farther away

Opened up to you my tender side
All the wounds I have and try to hide
Your heart was cold and with disdain
Left mine wishing you where gone again

Fly away and save us both
Your seasons come and gone now
It hurts too much, so go on home
Don't want to see you here next time around

Oh, what your love can bring
Only despondent misery
It was only a matter of time
Before our separation was defined by your line
Bird, I’ll tell you where to go
Fly south, it’s warmer there
You ought to know by now
Track Name: Going Down
Sailing away harbored pain
Trying to beat my spark alive
Pleasure traitors warring on
Reality and all her stead

Envy the day and I need an escape
From when the sun goes lower
I’ll sink into ebbing vibe
Oh the sun, it’s going down

Glimmer on a distrait salty shore
Haven I have often sought
Been routed out of ports renowned and it lacerates my soul
But comfort’s in this shroud

With matelotes like me, what a relief
Worries go when I stand up
The sun is gone the moon is up
But in this place, it’s going down

My spark has seen it’s better days
Like when I used to laze away
And dream what life was like
When the sun goes down

But now I know it’s here to stay
Sparks like mine, they don’t go away
Just ‘cause they’re bruised and a little frayed
From when the sun goes down